ICPC Collaborative Learning Institute

The Competitive Infrastructure Initiative (CII) seeks to identify, develop, and exploit technologies that advance the capabilities of competitive based learning in programs of computing sciences at universities world-wide. Each year the CII conducts the Collaborative Learning Institute Symposium (CLIS) in conjunction with the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) World Finals.

In 2011 a set of Contest Control System related specifications were presented. These standards are presented here while CLI web site is under development.

  1. Contest Control (CCS) Specification (Version 1.0)

  2. Event Feed Specification (Version 1.0)

  3. Problem format specification (Version 1.0)

  4. Output validator specification (Version 1.0)

  5. Input format validator specification (Version 1.0)

For questions, comments or more information send an email to ccscomments@ecs.csus.edu

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