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* Output validator support - [[Validator]] support
* Output validator support - [[Validator]] support
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The Contest Control System Standard is a list of requirements for a Contest Control System (CCS) that can be used at the ICPC Finals.

A CCS that conforms to the standard implements the requirements specified and supports the use of the following files and services.

Input Contest Data Files

Output Contest Data Files

  • results.tsv - the final standings data for upload to the CMS
  • scoreboard.tsv - standings information
  • HTML output of the standings/scoreboard

Data Feeds

  • Run Forwarding Feed (XML) - provides run submission data to clients (non-team typically). The Run Forward Feed data includes both run information (Team, Problem, etc) and the submitted source code file(s).
  • Event Feed (XML) - provides a number of contest events, ex. contest def, language def, runs info, notifications.

Other Standards

  • Input format validator - Judge's data and answer file validator
  • Output validator support - Validator support