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Gotchas - unusual information, very rare problems.

External Validator Gotchas

  • Prefixing ./ or .\ onto validator name

If pc2 cannot find the external validator to execute it, the cause may be that the current directory is not in the PATH. To fix this problem add a ./ (in Unix) or a .\ (under Windows) in front of the validator command.


{:validator} {:infile} {:outfile} {:ansfile} {:resfile}


.\{:validator} {:infile} {:outfile} {:ansfile} {:resfile}

Scoreboard Gotchas

  • Problem Description:

Non-English characters/names are not displayed/imported from the ICPC database under Linux.

  • Solution

Set the following environmental variables (this shows bash/sh/ksh) before starting the admin

unset LC_TYPE
set LANG=en_US

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