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How To - a list of HowTos and work arounds for PC²
#REDIRECT [[How_do_I]]
==How to configure/use interpreted languages==
See [[Interpreted languages]] article for a description and an
==How To extract all team source files==
Applies to version 9.1.0 and On.
# Startup a server module
# Go to the Reports tab
# Select the "Extract Replay Runs" report
# Click View Report
The Extract Replay Runs report creates replay file and extracts
all team's runs source files.  An example of a line from this report
is here:
action=RUN_SUBMIT| id=1| elapsed=1| language=Java| problem=Hello|site=1|submitclient=team5|mainfile=report.Extract_Replay_Runs.09.13.323.txt/site1run1/Sumit.java|
This line indicates that team5 submitted a source file named <code>Sumit.java</code> for problem Hello.  The
<code>Sumit.java</code> source code/program was written in the <code>reports</code> directory, the path is <code>reports/report.Extract_Replay_Runs.09.13.323.txt/site1run1/Sumit.java</code>

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