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How To - a list of HowTos and work around for PC²

How To extract all team source files

Applies to version 9.1.0 and On.

  1. Startup a server module
  2. Go to the Reports tab
  3. Select the "Extract Replay Runs" report
  4. Click View Report

The Extract Replay Runs report creates replay file and extracts all team's runs source files. An example of a line from this report is here:

action=RUN_SUBMIT| id=1| elapsed=1| language=Java| problem=Hello|site=1|submitclient=team5|mainfile=report.Extract_Replay_Runs.09.13.323.txt/site1run1/|

This line indicates that team5 submitted a source file named for problem Hello. The source code/program was written in the reports directory, the path is reports/report.Extract_Replay_Runs.09.13.323.txt/site1run1/