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  Troy Boudreau<tab>Contestant
  Troy Boudreau<tab>Contestant
  Doug Lane<tab>Attendee
  Doug Lane<tab>Attendee
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The members.tsv file is a tab separated file that contains membership information about a team including: roles, university name, coach and other members of the team (like alternates)


The file is composed of Team Info lines and team member lines. Each team starts with a single Team Info Line and is followed by one or more Team Member lines.

Team Info Line

Field 1 - external id

Field 2 - University Name

Team Member Line

Field 1 - Full Name (First Last)

Field 2 - role (where role is one of the following: Attendee, Coach, Contestant)

For example (where <tab> is a tab character)

8654<tab>California State University at Sacramento
John Clevenger<tab>Coach
Sam Ashoo<tab>Contestant
Troy Boudreau<tab>Contestant
Doug Lane<tab>Attendee