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The Run Submission Interface (RSI) is a standard way to submit a run into a CCS (like pc2).

pc2 implements both and input from and output to a RSI implementation.

RSI implementation (Input to pc2)

The pc2submit script implements the RSI command line which is:

-p <problem short-name>
-l <language name>
-u <team id>
-w <team password>
-m <main source filename>
-t <contest-time (in ms) for submission> (only allowed in CCS test mode)
-i <run id>

Run Submission Command

pc2 can invoke a RSI implementation for each run submitted using the command specified in the Run Submission Command on the Settings Tab

To make invoking a RSI program simple, pc2 uses a single variable {:options} to substituted all options.

To invoke the RSI program (/usr/local/bin/rsi) enter the following into the Run Submission Command field.

/usr/local/bin/rsi {:options} {:filelist}

{:options} is the same as:

 -p {:problemshort} -l {:languagename} -u {:teamid} -m {:mainfile} -i {:runid} -t {:elapsedms} 

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