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A CCS standard file that describes each run from a contest.

File Format

The file is a 5-field TSV file.

Field Description Example Type
1 run id 7 integer
2 team number 12 integer
3 CCS short problem name railway string
4 submission time in MS 2033497 long integer
5 result/Judgement Acronym AC string

submission time is the elapsed MS since the start of the contest.

Extended file format

A 6th optional field contains the language name.

Field Description Example Type
6 language Java string


A sample is below.

run-id	user	problem	time	result
1	97	railway	200297	CE
2	97	railway	587584	AC

Other Notes

Some runs.tsv files may contain a header line (first line) with the names of the fields, for example:

run-id  user  problem time  result