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The scoring algorithm is the method used to rank teams.

How teams are ranked

Each contest has its own rules about how the teams are ranked. This article describes the default way that PC² ranks teams.

Teams are rank based on the following:

  1. team solving most problems
  2. tie-breaker: lowest penalty points
  3. tie-breaker: fastest last yes judgement run

Penalty Points

The default scoring algorithm accumulates penalty points for solved problem thus:

Each No judgement before the first Yes judgement is multiplied by 20.

The first Yes judgement elapsed time time is added to the accumulated "No" penalty points.

Default Settings

1 penalty point per minute (elapsed time) it takes to solve a problem.

20 penalty points per no judgement before a solved problem.

No penalty points for all submission for problems which are not solved.

No penalty points for any runs a problem that is not solved.


Example runs
Team Problem Elapsed time Judgement
team5 A 10 No
team5 B 22 No
team5 A 40 No
team5 D 41 No
team5 B 45 Yes
team5 B 50 No
team5 D 72 No
team5 D 140 Yes
team5 C 215 Yes

In this example team5 has solved 3 problems with 460 penalty points.

Penalty points for Problem A: 0 (not solved)

Penalty points for Problem B: 65 = 45 + (20 * 1)

Penalty points for Problem C: 215 = 215

Penalty points for Problem D: 180 = 140 + (20 * 2)

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