Obtaining Permission to use PC2

PC2 was developed to support the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM ICPC) , including its local and Regional contests. Permission to use PC2, without fee, is granted in perpetuity to anyone running a contest directly or indirectly involved in supporting the ACM ICPC. This includes ACM ICPC Regional Contests around the world, as well as local and sub-regional contests run for purposes of training and/or qualifying teams for competition in ACM ICPC Regional Contests.

In addition, academic institutions are granted permission to use PC2 for academically-related competitions not directly related to qualifying for the ACM ICPC Regional Contests, provided that such competitions are not intended for the purpose of training or qualifying teams or individuals for entry into commercial programming competitions or into programming competitions which are in any way in conflict with the goals of the ACM ICPC.

Examples of programming competitions which would be deemed to be in conflict with the goals of the ACM ICPC include, but are not limited to, any programming competition, whether it be virtual, on-line, physical, interactive, or otherwise, where the intent or ultimate effect of such competition is to designate an academic "regional", "national", or "international" programming champion or championship team.

Likewise, use of PC2 is prohibited in any programming competition run for commercial purposes.

Basically, if you are an academic institution and are running programming contests for non-commercial purposes and/or for purposes of training and qualification for ACM ICPC-related activities, you may use our system. All others must obtain written permission, which starts with sending us an email message explaining the nature of your contest and how you would intend to use PC2.

If you DO decide to use our system, we'd appreciate your letting us know about it (although nothing in the system forces you do that; only common courtesy).

Also, we welcome and value any feedback you might be able to give us on how the system worked, and on suggestions for improving it.

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