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Welcome to the PC2 Test User's Group (TUG) Page!

We've Moved!!

PC² is now an open source project, housed at GitHub!

To download the latest updates of PC², please visit our GitHub downloads page.

For detailed information about PC² you might be interested in visiting the PC² GitHub Wiki.

(Note that the links below, on THIS page, may still be interesting and somewhat relevant, but they are not the most recent updates.)

If you are interested in the PC² source code, or especially if you're interested in helping to contribute to PC², please visit the PC² GitHub source code repository; you will probably also want to visit the PC² Developer's Wiki. Contributions are MOST welcome!

This page is for people who are interested in joining the PC2 Test User's Group (TUG). TUG members have access to pre-release copies of PC2. That's both the advantage and the disadvantage... members obtain the latest and greatest -- but they also assume the usual "risks" associated with working on the "bleeding edge".

We go to considerable effort to insure that advance releases are stable, and we expect they should work just fine. However, they are (by definition) "advance" -- they have not yet undergone the rigorous testing we normally apply before we post a release version of PC2 for the general user community. TUG members are those brave souls who are willing to accept the risks in order to reap the rewards of getting the latest features and bug fixes as soon as they become available.

To join the PC2 TUG, you must sign up for the pc2tug mailing list. You will then receive a reply message giving you a URL pointing to the TUG builds page. (You can if you wish then delete yourself from the mailing list, but we hope you won't; we use the mailing list to keep people apprised of the status of releases posted on the TUG page and deleting yourself would cut you off from that information.)

Join the pc2tug mailing list.

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