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EWTeam A web-based team client produced by a group at Eastern Washington University for the PC^2 Contest Control System.
ICPC Balloon Utility An ICPC Tool that manages and prints which teams to award a balloon.
ICPC CCI The ICPC Contest Clock Interface - a standalone tool for displaying the current contest clock (time remaining).
ICPC CDS The ICPC Contest Data Server - a tool providing single-point URL services for accessing contest data
ICPC CoachView An ICPC Tool used by coaches to watch webcam/desktop streams from contest teams.
ICPC Contest Utilities The ICPC Contest Utilities package: provides a variety of useful contest-related utilities -- event feed checkers, floor map generators, submission extractors, and more.
ICPC Finals Documentation An umbrella project used to manage Procedures and Documentation used at the ICPC World Finals.
ICPC Graphics A deprecated umbrella project originally used to manage a variety of tools for the ICPC Graphics group.
ICPC Presentation Admin The ICPC Tools Presentation Admin -- used to support remote administration for multiple ICPC Presentation Clients.
ICPC Presentation Client The ICPC Tools Presentation Client - used to provide animated display of scoreboard and other contest data.
ICPC Problem Set Editor Tool to create/edit problem set YAML file descriptions.
ICPC Resolver The ICPC Tools Resolver -- a program that steps through the last run judgments for a contest and provides animated reveal of the contest results.