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The ICPC Tools Resolver -- a program that steps through the last run judgments for a contest and provides animated reveal of the contest results.
  Default Assignee
Award Generator icpctools-dev
Tool to add awards to event feed.
Client icpctools-dev
The Resolver Client displays the changes in team rank and award winners. Its display is controlled by the Resolver Presenter and it connects to the Resolver Server
General icpctools-dev
Changes that apply to all components/programs and general utilities
Presenter icpctools-dev
The Resolver Presenter controls the resolver display on the Resolver Clients
Samples icpctools-dev
Examples for users and that can be used as test data.
Server icpctools-dev
The Resolver Server handles connections between a Resolver Presenter and Resolver Clients
Standalone icpctools-dev
The Resolver Standalone displays the changes in team rank and award winners.