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PC^2 System Requirements

PC² Version 9.6.0

Download pc2-9.6.0-5102.tar.gz a tar'd gzipped file (22.96 Meg 22966136 bytes)

Download pc2-9.6.0-5102.tar.gz.md5.txt a MD5 checksum text file (33 bytes)

Download pc2-9.6.0-5102.tar.gz.sha1.txt a SHA1 checksum text file (41 bytes)

Download pc2-9.6.0-5102.tar.gz.sha256.txt (65 bytes)

Download pc2-9.6.0-5102.tar.gz.sha512.txt (129 bytes)

Download pc2-9.6.0-5102.zip a single ZIP file (23.61 Meg 23618227 bytes)

Download pc2-9.6.0-5102.zip.md5.txt a MD5 checksum text file (33 bytes)

Download pc2-9.6.0-5102.zip.sha1.txt a SHA1 checksum text file (41 bytes)

Download pc2-9.6.0-5102.zip.sha256.txt (65 bytes)

Download pc2-9.6.0-5102.zip.sha512.txt (129 bytes)

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