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Version 9

Here are the firewall requirements for a network where a firewall (or other device) has locked down all incoming and outgoing communications.

To determine how restrictive (locked down) your network is contact your network support staff or try to use PC² and see if it works without any changes to the firewall.

It is more likely to be a problem if a multi-site contest is being run.

Similar to a web server, the outbound ports need to be unrestricted while the inbound port can be a single port.


  1. Collect all (public) IPs for all sites ("List of IPs")



  • Source IP: List of IPs
  • Source TCP Port: Any
  • Destination IP: (whatever your server's IP is, must be public or NAT'd)
  • Destination TCP Port: 50002


  • Source IP: (your server IP)
  • Source TCP Port: Any
  • Destination IP:
  • Destination TCP Port: 50002

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