Starting Auto Judging

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Starting Auto Judging is done for judge modules/login which are setup to auto judge problems.

Starting Auto Judging on Judge

  1. Login to the Judge module
  2. On the All Runs tab, click the Auto Judge Button

If the message Administrator has turned off autojudging appears then either there are no Problems setup to be auto judged or the administrator has disabled autojudging.

Starting Auto Judging from Administrator

  1. On the Auto Judge tab
  2. Select the judge account to start
  3. Click on Edit
  4. On the Edit Auto Judge Settings dialog, check the Enable Auto Judging checkbox
  5. Click on Update

On the Auto Judge tab the On column should show "Yes" and lists the problems which will be autojudged. If (none selected) is listed in the Problems column then no problem will be autojudged because no problem has been selected to be autojudged.

If the selected judge is logged in then auto judging will start immediately.

Note that the Enable Auto Judging checkbox can also turn off autojudging at on the judge. This is an Administrative override.