Version 9.2

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Additions/Features in Version 9.2


  • New 9.2 Admin and Configuration Manual (doc/pc2v9AdminGuide.pdf)


  • Team output configurable
  • Delete/hide Problem
  • Delete/hide Judgement
  • Delete/hide Language
  • Server Shutdown for all or any selected server (rather than using the Exit button)


  • Non-GUI Server (--nogui) returns (was standard in Version 8, see Server CLI
  • Server Shutdown button (on Admin)
  • (Internal) changed where files are stored (under profile/... now)


  • All reports are available via command line, see pc2report.


  • Distribution: reorganized samples
    • source samples moves to samps/src

Features and Bug fixes

A complete list of bug fixes and enhancements can be found in the PC² Bugzilla or by clicking this link: Version 9.2 bugs

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