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The PC² API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of Java interfaces and classes that provide a view into the contest data.

The API's goals are to allow developers to extend PC² while keeping complete integrity and security for the contest.

A developer will be able to create a Java class that can login and then retrieve information about the contest. The API in development allows a developer to get information about team's, runs, problems, languages and the standings when using a Judge or Board login.


The API provides developers the ability to access and extend pc2. The API supports the following features:

  1. Login/Logoff
  2. submit a run
  3. add listeners to respond to events (run submitted, judged, etc.) as they occur
  4. Get contest information
  5. Get run info (judgements, status, etc)
  6. Get clarification info (answers, status, etc).
  7. Get scoring information

The access to data and features is restricted by login account.


API Java was added into the distribution in version 9.1.3 build 1899.

The main Java doc page is each distribution at doc/api/index.html.

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