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==See Also==
==See Also==
* [[Extractor]]
* [[Extractor]]
* Reference CCS [[https://clics.ecs.baylor.edu/index.php/Contest_Control_System#accounts.tsv| accounts.tsv]]

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A CCS standard TSV file that contains account information.

File Format

Per the CCS spec.

A text file consisting of a version line and one line for each non-team account in the contest. Each line has tab separated fields as defined below.

The first line has the following format

Field Description Example Type
1 Label accounts fixed string (always same value)
2 Version number 1 integer

Then follow several lines with the following format (one per account).

Field Description Example Type
1 Account Type judge string
2 Full Name Per Austrin string
3 Username austrin string
4 Password B!5MWJiy string

Account Types are: judge, admin, analyst, feed-all, feed-public, feed-floor.

See Also