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The following are PC² enhancements to the CCS Standard.

The contest.yaml file contains general contest information and for each problem there can be a problem.yaml file.

To produce these yaml files use the PC² Report Export Contest YAML files

contest.yaml file

The following are additions to the CCS Standard contest.yaml file.

Sites Section

The sites section defines all fields for each pc2 server/site

 - number: 1
     name: Site 1
     port: 50002
 password: siteone

 - number: 2
     name: Site 2
     port: 50002

The password field is optional, if not present, then the default Joe password will be created. Ex. login: site2 password site2

Accounts Section

The accounts section defines team accounts, it has equivalent functionality to the Generate Accounts feature.

 - account: TEAM
     site: 1
    count: 10
 - account: TEAM
     site: 2
    count: 10

- account: JUDGE
     site: 4
    count: 20

 - account: SCOREBOARD
     site: 4
    count: 1

Define Auto Judge settings

  - account: JUDGE
     site: 1
     number: 2
     letters: A
     enabled: yes

  - account: JUDGE
     number: 4,5,6
     letters: B,C,D

  - account: JUDGE
     site: 1
     number: 1,3
     letters: F
     enabled: no
the site number, default 1
the account number
the letter(s) for the problems to auto judge
whether auto judging is turned On, default yes

Timeout Key

The run-time execution time limit for all problems can be specified with the timeout key. A time limit can be overridden if a timeout is specified in the problem.yaml file.

# set run time limit for all problems to 20 seconds
timeout: 20

problem.yaml file

Limits Section

For each problem a run-time execution time limit can be specified in the limits section

# use 15 seconds for this problem definition
   timeout: 15

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