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CLICS is the Competitive Learning Initiative Contest System specification. The Competitive Learning Initiative (CLI) is an effort under the auspices of the ICPC community to develop formal specifications for a variety of Programming Contest development activities. These specifications comprise a variety of components as described below.

Contest Control System (CCS) Specification

This document describes a set of functional requirements for a Contest Control System (CCS). It acts as the primary specification for CCS's which are candidates to be used for the ICPC World Finals, but also serves as a reference for the development of other CCS's as well.

Problem Format

This document describes the requirements for specifying a Contest Problem to a Contest Control System (CCS). It is intended to describe how a Problem is presented to a CCS, not the nature of any particular problem itself.

Event Feed

This comprises several documents describing CLICS Event Feed specifications. These include

  • the original CLICS Event Feed specification
  • Event Feed specification extensions developed in
    • 2011
    • 2013
    • 2014, and
    • 2016.

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