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The command line options for PC² for Version 9

These are options that can be used with the PC² scripts


All PC² scripts print usage using the --help command line option, for example:

pc2server --help

All Options

TBD - add links into descriptions

Primary server only
Option Description Example
--contestpassword <pass> specify contest password TODOexample
--first Unused TODOexample
--help command line summary --help
--ini filename TBD TODOexample
<file> Load configuration/CDP] TODOexample
--login <login> User Login name TODOexample
--nogui non-GUI mode, console output only TODOexample
--password <pass> User login password TODOexample
--remoteServer <remoteHostname> Secondary server TODOexample
--proxyme Secondary server with proxy option TODOexample
--server Start as server TODOexample
--skipini TBD TODOexample
--ui classname specify startup class TODOexample
-F filename Load command lie options from file TODOexample
--contestpassword Contest password --contestpassword pass

Login/Password options

Option Description Example
--login Login Login name --login server1
--login team2
--password Password Password --password Password


This will attempt to login account team3 with the password passone.

pc2team --login team3 --password passone

This will attempt to login account team3 with the password team3 (A joe account)

pc2team --login team3

Primary server Options

Primary server only
Option Description Example
--contestpassword Contest password --contestpassword pass


This will attempt to start a Primary server with contest password contest33 login account site1 with the password site1.

pc2server --login site1 --contestpassword contest33

This will attempt to login account site2 with the password sitepass2.

pc2server --login site2 --password sitepass2

-F option

Loading command line options from a properties file.

The -F option is a security feature. Under most Unix systems the complete command line is listed when using a ps or similar command revealing login ids and passwords. Using the -F option, login ids and passwords can be stored in a text file. Note that the command line options are not limited to login and password options; any command line option can be stored in the specified text file.

The -F can be used with any pc2 program (See PC² scripts for list of programs).


If this command line was used:

pc2server --nogui --contestpassword cpass --login site1 --password site1pass

One could alternatively use the -F option:

pc2server -F

where contains

# Command line for non GUI server
--contestpassword cpass
--login site1
--password site1pass

In the file blank lines and lines starting with a # are ignored. Each command line option must be on a different line.

--load option

The server --load option will load a configuration from a CDP. The --load option will only load the CDP into an "empty" server (a server that has not been previously loaded or configured).

See Load Contest Configuration article for more details about --load option.


 pc2server --nogui --contestpassword cpass --login site1 --password site1pass --load /home/pc2/cdp

--remoteServer option

Example that uses as the primary server

pc2server --nogui --contestpassword cpass --login site3 --password site1pass --remoteServer

--proxyme option

The proxyme option is identical to [server] proxy=yes in the pc2v9.ini file.

Example that uses as the primary server and proxy for this site.

pc2server --nogui --contestpassword cpass --login site3 --password site1pass --remoteServer --proxyme

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