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The article [[CCS Enhancements]] describes these entries in more detail.
The article [[CCS Enhancements]] describes these entries in more detail.
{|border="1" cellpadding="1"
Use [[system.pc2.yaml]] for custom pc2 settings.
! Section !! Description
| [[CCS_Enhancements#Sites_Section|sites]] || Sequence of mappings for [[Site]] information
| [[CCS_Enhancements#Accounts_Section|accounts]] || set of accounts to generate (same functionality as [[Generate Accounts]])
| [[CCS_Enhancements#Auto_Judge|auto judge]]|| Define Auto Judge assignments/settings
| [[CCS_Enhancements#Replay|replay]] || automatic [[Replay]] of previous contest feature
  - account: TEAM
      site: 1
    count: 20
- account: JUDGE
      site: 1
    count: 8
  - account: SCOREBOARD
      site: 1
    count: 1
  - number: 1
      name: Site 1
      port: 50002
  password: siteone
  - number: 2
      name: Site 2
      port: 50002
  - account: JUDGE
      site: 1
      number: 2
      letters: A
      enabled: yes
  - account: JUDGE
      number: 4,5,6
      letters: B,C,D
  - account: JUDGE
      site: 2
      number: all
      letters: B,C,D
  - account: JUDGE
      site: 1
      number: 1,3
      letters: F
      enabled: no
===Other Values===
Other custom values are found in the article [[CCS_Enhancements| CCS Enhancements]]
==Creating contest.yaml==
==Creating contest.yaml==

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A contest.yaml file contains information used to specify a contest configuration to PC2. Contest.yaml files are written in YAML and can be loaded into PC2 either by using the --load option (when starting a PC2 Server) or by selecting the Import contest.yaml button on the Import CCS Tab of the PC2 Admin Configure Contest screen.

A contest.yaml file consists of lines containing either colon-separated key:value pairs, or a list of items (called "mappings") starting with a dash. Whitespace (but not allowing tab characters) are used to indicate nested structure.

Contents of contest.yaml

For the current CLICS CCS specification for a contest.yaml file see CLICS contest.yaml

contest.yaml keys
Key Description
name Name of contest
short-name Short name of contest
start-time Date and time in ISO 8601 format (wall-clock time that the contest starts)
duration Duration as h:mm:ss (length of contest, in contest time)
scoreboard-freeze-length Time before end of contest when scoreboard will be frozen form HH:MM:SS


# Contest Configuration, version 1.0 
# PC^2 Version: Version 9.3 20110918 (Sunday, September 18th 2011 23:51 UTC) Java ver 1.6.0_20 build 2345 Windows XP 5.1 (x86) 
# Created: 2011-09-18 18:05:40 PDT

name: Sample Contest
short-name: SampCon
elapsed: 0:00:00
remaining: 5:00:00
running: false
# Freeze at 1 hour before the end of the contest
scoreboard-freeze-length: 1:00:00

PC² specific keys and values

The article CCS Enhancements describes these entries in more detail.

Use system.pc2.yaml for custom pc2 settings.

Creating contest.yaml

A contest.yaml, problem.yaml and data files can be saved using either:

  1. the Export Contest YAML feature
  2. or use the Export Contest XML Report

Loading contest.yaml

Use the Admin Import CCS tab, Import contest.yaml button.

See Also