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Account file including login and passwords.  See [[accounts.tsv]]
Account file including login and passwords.  See [[accounts.tsv]]
Account information for team and non-team accounts.
==Output Files==
==Output Files==

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A complete list of data files that can be imported and exported from the PC²

CMS Files

These files are created by the ICPC CMS and are loaded into a CCS.


Team group/region information.


Team information, see teams.tsv

CCS files

Input Contest Configuration Files

These files contain contest and problem configuration data and are loaded into a CCS.


Contains general contest information, language definitions and problem references (short name), problem order and balloon colors. See contest.yaml.

Problem Definition/settings

The Problem Format describes the files and formats for the files that a problem author creates.

A problem set of files includes:


Team Region information


Team info.


Team logo files.


Team country flags.


Account file including login and passwords. See accounts.tsv


Account information for team and non-team accounts.

Output Files

These files are output by a CCS.

  • TBD - HTML scoreboard

Output Feeds

These feeds are live data created/updated by a CCS

Event Feed XML

Event Feed (XML) - provides a number of contest events, ex. contest def, language def, runs info, notifications. See Event Feed


Run Forwarding Feed (XML) - provides run submission data to clients (non-team typically). The Run Forward Feed data includes both run information (Team, Problem, etc) and the submitted source code file(s).

PC² Files

In addition to the CCS supported input and output files, there are a number of other input and output files supported.

Input Files

Accounts Load File

See article Load Account

Output Files

Reports Files

See Reports


Each time a judgement is created a line is added to evals.log

End of Contest Reports

At the end of the contest a number of reports are automatically generated, See [Bug 473 ] for details.

Deprecated CMS Import Files

Before the CCS there were another set of nearly identical in content CMS data files.

See Also

TBD links to loading of contest data file functions in pc2