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Scoreboard HTML files are automatically generated by the scoreboard module.

Each time there is a standings or settings change the scoreboard module creates a Scoreboard XML then creates an HTML file for each .xsl file found in the data/xml directory. Each HTML file name is based on the .xsl file name. For example, for the sumatt.xsl file a HTML file named sumatt.html is created.

Directions to add a new HTML file

  1. Create a new XSLT file
  2. Copy the XSLT file into the scoreboard data/xml directory
  3. Regenerate the scoreboard HTML, use the Refresh button (also see When HTML Pages are created).

Consider copying and using the existing .xsl files supplied with PC² under samps/web/xsl/ directory.


  1. If the HTML file is not generated, insure that the .xsl filename is in the data/xml directory on the scoreboard module.

See Also

  • Scoreboard XML - scoreboard XML created each time web pages are created.