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ewzip - script to create EWTeam zip file. This file is used by the PC² Team to, in part, avoid having to ask a number of questions about which OS, which version of EWTeam. The information, especially the log files, provides potential information to the pc2 team to help solve any problems with EWTeam.

To create a EWTeam zip file use the script ewzip, this script will create a .zip file in the archive/ directory.


  1. Create the .zip file using ewzip
  2. Send the .zip file to the pc2 team.


In this example the file 201809231714-ewuteamarchive.zip is created.

Sun Sep 23 10:14:22 PDT 2018 EWU Web Team Client version 9.6build build 5034
Sun Sep 23 10:14:22 PDT 2018 Creating archive\201809231714-ewuteamarchive.zip
Sun Sep 23 10:14:22 PDT 2018 Adding index.html
Sun Sep 23 10:14:22 PDT 2018 Closing archive\201809231714-ewuteamarchive.zip

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