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pc2extract extracts contest information from a pc2 server.


To produce usage use the command

pc2extract --help

The pc2extract like all other pc2 scripts, supports the -F option to specify some or all command line options in a file.

Usage and Features

Usage: [options] CCS_reportname [outfilename]

pc2extract extracts 3 TSV files from the contest to stdout. If the optional outfilename is supplied the output will be written to that file.

submissions produces a submissions.tsv file scoreboard produces a scoreboard.tsv file results produces a results.tsv file


pc2extract --login scoreboard1 --password scoreboard1 

To list usage use

pc2extract --help

Usage Example

Usage: [options] CCS_reportname [outfilename]

--login loginName - login name (or use -u)
--password password - login password (or use -w) 

CCS_reportname - one of the following submissions, scoreboard, results

Example: Extractor --login scoreboard1 --password scoreboard1 scoreboard

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