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Generate Accounts provides a quick way to generate accounts for any site.

The number of accounts that already exist are shown next to the module name, for example Administrators (1) means there is one Administrator account for that site. Upon changing the Site Selection the numbers of accounts will change to match the number of accounts on the selected site.

Generate Accounts will not overwrite existing accounts.

Generated Accounts are joe accounts (same login name and password, ex. login team5, password team5).


Administrator module, Configure Contest Tab, Accounts Tab, Generate button


Creating new accounts

  1. Select the site after Site Selection
  2. Enter the number of new accounts in the text field next to the account types
  3. Click the Generate Accounts for Site N to

Upon generating the new accounts the number of accounts (in the parentheses to the right of the account type name) will increment.

To update the display name, password, active/inactive en masse use the Load Account feature.

Start Account at

The "Start Account Number at" field indicates which account number new accounts will be added. If there are existing accounts already at that number, then Generate will find the next number that has no account and create the account with that number. For example, if team 100 - 120 accounts have been created and the "Teams" field is 10 and the "Start Account Number at" field is 100 then accounts 121 - 130.


  • Site Selection
  • Administrators
  • Judges
  • Teams
  • Scoreboards
  • Start Account Number at
  • Generate Accounts for Site N
  • Close

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