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This information is a list of answers to the questions: "How do I do (fill in the blank) using pc2?".

Questions and Answers

Where can I find answers to questions?

  1. This article.
  2. Use Google and search for the item, ex: csus pc2 perl
  3. Read the PC^2 Contest Administrator’s Installation and Configuration Guide in the distribution under doc/pc2v9AdminGuide.pdf
  4. See Troubleshooting article
  5. Send the PC^2 team e-mail, click here

How do I extract Run source and info from pc2?

Applies to version 9.1.0 and later versions.

Use the Extract_Replay_Runs Report.

To extract run info and run source using pc2report See Extract using pc2report

To extract run info and run source using the Server GUI Report See Extract using Server GUI

How do I create an event feed XML file?

Replace REPLACE_THIS_WITH_CONTEST_PASSWORD with your contest password.

For CCS version use:

pc2report --contestPassword REPLACE_THIS_WITH_CONTEST_PASSWORD 34

For defacto standard used:

pc2report --contestPassword REPLACE_THIS_WITH_CONTEST_PASSWORD 43

You can also use the Event Feed Reports (Reports tab) on the Server GUI or Admin GUI

Unanswered Questions

A list of questions to answer.

  • Quick start guide TODO
  • How to get help TODO
  • How to add accounts TODO
  • How to add languages TODO
  • How to solve Can't Execute problem TODO

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