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The Load button (on the Admin ConfigureContest>Accounts tab) loads or updates (overwrites) account information from a text file. It can be used to load initial account information, or to update/alter account information already loaded into the system either via a previous Load Account operation or by some other means (for example, via YAML load files).

Common uses of the Load Accounts function are to install new passwords for teams (e.g. between a Practice Contest and a Real Contest), to update the scoreboard "display name" for teams, or to install specific "external id's" when the external id's for teams do not match the requirements of some outside tools.


Administrator module, Accounts Tab, Load button


  1. Generate accounts (this can be done either with Generate Accounts or via YAML loading at startup).
  2. Create a load accounts text file following the required format shown below. (Note: the "Save" button on the Accounts tab can be used to create a file containing the current account information, which can then be edited as needed; or, simply create a new text file).
  3. Click the Load button (on the Admin ConfigureContest>Accounts tab) and select the load accounts file. This will display a Review Accounts Loading screen which displays the changes which are about to be applied to accounts; fields to be changed are marked with an asterisk.
  4. Click the Accept button to apply the changes.

Load Accounts File format (Version 9)

In Version 9 the load account file has been made more flexible (in Version 8 the format was fixed and allowed only 4 fields (team #, display name, active and password) and the fields were pipe "|" delimited; see below for more details about Version 8).

A Version 9 Load Account file consists of a single (required) header row, followed by one or more data rows. The field delimiter for both the header row and the data rows is a Tab character.

The first line of the Load Account file is a list of fields (column names) separated by tabs. Each field (column name) lists one of the fields which is expected to appear on each following data row. The field names in the header row are case-insensitive.

The remaining lines of the file (after the header line) should contain the values corresponding to the fields listed on the header line, given in the same order as they appear in the header line.

Lines starting with # are considered comments (ignored)

Required Header Columns

If any of these column names are not present on the first line an error message will be displayed and the Load Accounts file will be rejected.

Name Description Example
site site number 4
account description of account name (short) team5

Optional Header Columns

In addition to the required column names (see above), the header line can contain any of the following column names, in any order. The presence of a column name on the header line implies that each subsequent data row will contain a value corresponding to that column name, in the same relative position on the data row as it appears on the header line.

Name Description Example
password password for account foobar12
group Group name associated with account North Site
displayname Name to be displayed on scoreboard CSUS Hornets
permdisplay Should account be displayed on scoreboard true or false
alias Alias name to be displayed for the judges Alias 54
permlogin Is account permitted to login true or false
permpassword Is account allowed to change their password true or false
externalid ID associated with account by some external entity (e.g. ICPC) 301972
longschoolname Institution Name (long) University of Virginia
shortschoolname Institution Name (short)) U Virginia
countrycode Country Code string ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 USA

Sample Account Load file

site	account	password	displayname   externalID
1	team1	passone	Team One	1
1	team2	somepass	Team Too	2

The example above sets the password, scoreboard display name, and external id for accounts "team1" and "team2" at Site 1. Note that fields in the above rows are tab-separated.

Load Account (Version 8)

Version 8 load file was limited to importing team information. Version 8 load only loaded account information for the current site.

The field delimiter is a vertical bar, not a tab.

Required Columns

Name Description Example
Team Number Team account number 4
Display Name description of account name (short) team5
Active whether account shown on board true or false
Password password for account foobar12

Example File

1|Number 1|true|pass1
2|Team Number 2|true|myPass
3|My School Name|false|

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