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Load Account loads/overwrites account information from a text file.


Administrator module, Accounts Tab, Load button


  1. User creates a load accounts file
  2. User uses Generate Accounts to generate accounts
  3. On the Admin, user clicks Load button and is presented with the Review Accounts Loading screen
  4. Click Accept button

Load Accounts File format

Each line contains fields which are tab-delimited.

The first line of the file is a list of fields found in the rest of the file.

The second and subsequent lines contain account information in the order specified in the first line.

Required Columns

Name Description Example
site site number 4
account description of account name (short) team5
password password for account foobar12

Optional Columns

Name Description Example
group Group name associated with account North Site
displayname Name to be displayed on scoreboard true or false
permdisplay Account displayed on scoreboard true or false
permlogin Account permitted to login true or false

Sample Account Load file

site	account	password	displayname
1	team1	passone	Team One display Name

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