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Welcome to PC2Wiki, the Wiki dedicated to information about PC².

PC², an acronym for Programming Contest Control, is a software system designed to manage computer programming contests.

PC² was developed under the auspices of the PC² Project at California State University, Sacramento by the PC² Team.

The PC² system is used in support of programming contest activities throughout the world, including the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) and its Regional Contests on six continents.

The latest version of PC² is Version 9. While this version has not yet had a public release, it has already been used in Beta testing to run several contests, including a 5-site ICPC Regional Contest, successfully. Public release is currently targeted for early 1st Quarter 2009, there previews of Version 9 available on the PC² TUG home page

If you have any questions send e-mail to the pc2 group [1].

If you have a request for an enhancement (or to report a bug) visit PC² Bugzilla

Since some questions are not frequent enough to make it into the pc2 FAQ an article has been to address questions and answers.

See our Policies page for information about the scope and policies of this Wiki.