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The PC² Distribution is the collection of PC² system files.

The installation directory is the location where a distribution is unpacked

Version 9 Distribution


  1. installation directory - contains a single package directory, ex pc2-9.1.4-1908

Installation Directory contains these package directories and files

  1. pc2-9.1.4-1908/README
  2. pc2-9.1.4-1908/pc2v9.ini
  3. pc2-9.1.4-1908/VERSION
  4. pc2-9.1.4-1908/bin/ - contains PC² scripts (to start PC² modules)
  5. pc2-9.1.4-1908/lib/ - contains Java jar files (system executables)
  6. pc2-9.1.4-1908/samps/ - contains pc2 examples and samples
  7. pc2-9.1.4-1908/doc/ - user documentation, Team Guide
  8. pc2-9.1.4-1908/doc/api - PC² API Java doc
  9. pc2-9.1.4-1908/data - various data files
  10. pc2-9.1.4-1908/data/xml - XSLT files used to create pc2 scoreboard HTML

Version 8 Distribution


  1. installation directory - contains ini files, startup scripts, Validator jar
  2. pc2/ - pc2 class files
  3. samps/ - pc2 samples
  4. doc/ - pc2 user documentation

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