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pc2report and pc2report.bat are scripts that produce reports

Note that for version 9, users must supply the contest password via --contestPassword (or the -F option).

See Report article for more details.


$ bin/pc2report --help
Usage: [options] reportName|## ##][...

--profile name - profile name, default uses current profile.  name may be a ## from --listp listing
--contestPassword padd  - password needed to decrypt pc2 data
--list         - list names of reports (and the report numbers)
--dir name     - alternate base directory name, by default uses profile dir name
--site ##      - specify the site number
--listp        - list all profile names with numbers
--noProfile - do not use profile directory use pre version 9.2 location

reportName - name of report to print (or report number)
##         - number of report to print (numbers found using --list)

$ pc2reports --listp
1 - Id: Contest-1526060434834405723 description: Real Contest name: Contest
2 - Id: Contest 3--613094433664018852 description: Real Contest 3 name: Contest 3

Default name  : Contest
  Profile ID  : Contest-1526060434834405723
  Description : Real Contest
  Path        : profiles\Pdf812e23-4234-46ee-ad3c-4011c8cb885e

Each of these will print the same report:
$ pc2report --contestPassword newpass --profile Contest 3--613094433664018852 'Fastest Solution Summary'
$ pc2report --contestPassword newpass --profile 2 'Fastest Solution Summary'
$ pc2report --contestPassword newpass --profile Contest 3--613094433664018852 9
$ pc2report --contestPassword newpass --profile 2 9

Precedence for directory: --dir, --profile, then default profile dir
$ bin\pc2report --list
Version 9.2.3 20120910 (Monday, September 10th 2012 16:20 UTC) Java ver 1.6.0_22 build 2565 Windows 7 6.1 (x86) 
Report 1 Accounts
Report 2 Balloons Summary
Report 3 All Reports
Report 4 Contest Settings
Report 5 Contest XML
Report 6 Contest Analysis
Report 7 Solutions By Problem
Report 8 Submissions by Language
Report 9 Fastest Solutions Summary
Report 10 Fastest Solutions Per Problem
Report 11 Standings XML 
Report 12 Logins
Report 13 Profiles
Report 14 Plugins
Report 15 Runs
Report 16 Clarifications
Report 17 Problems
Report 18 Languages
Report 19 Judgements
Report 20 Runs grouped by team
Report 21 Notification Settings
Report 22 Client Settings
Report 23 Groups
Report 24 Evaluations
Report 25 Runs (Version 8 content and format)
Report 26 Run 5 field
Report 27 Account Permissions Report
Report 28 Balloons Delivery
Report 29 Extract Replay Runs
Report 30 Run Notifications Sent
Report 31 Judgement Notifications
Report 32 Active Profile Clone Settings
Report 33 Sites
Report 34 Event Feed XML
Report 35 Notifications XML
Report 36 Finalize-Certify
Report 37 Internal Dump

pc2report Examples

Here are a list of examples of pc2report, all these example are for version 9.0 or greater.

For these examples the Contest password is foo.

TBD describe where reports are written to and the naming convention

The report number (use --list option to show the number of a report) can be used as a shorter way to specify the report.

A partial name can be used for the report as well, for example to show All reports can be listed using:

pc2report --contestPassword foo All

List all report and their report number

pc2report --list

Report 10 Fastest Solutions Per Problem

pc2report --contestPassword foo 10


pc2report --contestPassword foo "Fastest Solutions Per Problem"

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