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* PC² [[Property]] file, -F [[Command Line]] option
* PC² [[Property]] file, -F [[Command Line]] option
* [[Command Line]] format/options
* [[Command Line]] format/options
* [[CCS]]
[[Category:Version 9.3]]
[[Category:Version 9.3]] [[Category:CCS]]

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pc2submit and pc2submit shows contest information and allow a user to submit a Run.

Usage 1 - PC²

To produce usage use the command

pc2submit --help

The pc2submit like all other pc2 scripts, supports the -F option to specify some or all command line options in a file.


The submit script does more than just submit runs, it can also:

  1. list information about the contest useful in submitting the run (--list option)
  2. list run information for previous runs (--listruns)
  3. check the syntax and content of a submission without sending the run to the server (--check)
  4. allow the user to specify less information and the submit script will infer the rest


To submit a run the user needs to specify their login, password, problem, language and filename(s).

A full command for a submission could be

pc2submit --login team5 --password 5pass42x A.java "All the king's men" Java

Or the user can use the command

pc2submit --login team5 --password 5pass42x A.java

The filename is used to determine which language and problem. In this case the first problem for the contest is named "All the kings's men"

pc2submit -F authinfo C.c inc2.h

where authinfo contains

--login team5
--password 5pass42x

would be the same as this command (if problem C title is "Clear day fever")

 pc2submit --login team5 --password 5pass42x C.c,inc2.h "Clear day fever" C

Also in this example it shows how to specify multiple files on the command line. TODO (Does the -F also handle filenames, and if so, how?)

Usage Example

Usage Submitter [--help|--list|--listruns|--check] --login loginname [--password password] filename [problem [language]]
Usage Submitter [-F propfile] [--help|--list|--listruns|--check] filename [problem [language]]

Submit filename for problem and language.  If problem or language
not specified the program will guess which problem and language
based on the file name.

--help   this listing

--check  check parameters, list filename, problem and language

--list   list problem and languages

--listruns list run info for the user

On success exit code will be 0
On failure exit code will be non-zero

$Id: Submitter.java 2312 2011-09-07 18:52:57Z laned $

Usage 2 - CCS


Usage Submitter [--help|--list|--listruns|--check] options
Usage Submitter [-t timestamp] [-i runid] -u loginname -w password -p problem -l language -m mainfile filelist
Usage Submitter [-F propfile] [--help|--list|--listruns|--check] 

Submit filename for problem and language.  

--helpCCS      - this listing

-p problem     - contest problem letter or name

-l language    - contest language

-u loginname   - user login 

-w password    - user password

-m filename    - main source file name in directory specified by -d option

-i runid       - (optional) run id for submission  

-t timestamp   - (optional)  contest time for submission  

--list         - list problem and languages

--listruns     - list run info for the user

filelist       - list of files including main file

On success exit code will be 0
On failure exit code will be non-zero

$Id: Submitter.java 2463 2012-02-18 05:49:43Z laned $

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