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==See Also==
==See Also==
* [[PC² scripts]]
* [[PC² scripts]]
* PC² [[Property]] file, -F [[Command Line]] option
[[Category:Version 9.3]]
[[Category:Version 9.3]]

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pc2submit and pc2submit shows contest information and allow a user to submit a Run.


To produce usage use the command

pc2report --help

For example

Usage Submitter [--help|--list|--listruns|--check] --login loginname [--password password] filename [problem [language]]
Usage Submitter [-F propfile] [--help|--list|--listruns|--check] filename [problem [language]]

Submit filename for problem and language.  If problem or language
not specified the program will guess which problem and language
based on the file name.

--help   this listing

--check  check parameters, list filename, problem and language

--list   list problem and languages

--listruns list run info for the user

On success exit code will be 0
On failure exit code will be non-zero

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See Also