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The pc2v9.ini file contains settings as well as information to contact a server.


All blank lines and lines starting with # are ignored.

A section (set of name value pairs) is a name surrounded by square brackets.

Name value pairs are a name, equals sign, and then value. Names are case insensitive by PC² whereas values are case sensitive.

Default host and port

If the pc2v9.ini is not in the current directory, then the server to contact will be localhost:50002. Effectively the ini client section is:


Sample Client pc2v9.ini file

This example can be used by all client modules ( Administrator module, Team module, Judge module, Scoreboard module) The server to contact is at port 50200.

# Client pc2v9.ini


Sample Server pc2v9.ini file

For a Primary server (a Server module which is the server to be contacted) no pc2v9.ini file is needed if default host and port values are used.

# Server Port Assignment for server at mainserver.acme.com


Sample Secondary Server pc2v9.ini file

For a Secondary server server (a Server module joining a contest). In the following example the Primary server has started on host mainserver.acme.com and is listening on port 62002.

# Minimal Remote Server pc2v9.ini

See Joining Server Startup to learn which port a Secondary server will listen on.

Sample pc2v9.ini file

This is a reference version of the pc2v9.ini and is present in the Version 9 distribution in the samps directory.

# File:   pc2v9.ini - all settings for pc2
# Author: pc2@ecs.csus.edu
# See details/info at http://pc2.ecs.csus.edu/wiki/Pc2v9.ini

# server=

# plaf=java 
# plaf=native


# Port for Sever to initially listen to.
# port=50200

# remoteServer=

#base (first) run number for this site

# eof pc2v9.ini $Id$

Name Value Pairs Descriptions

Table of Name Value Pairs
Section Name Value format Description
client server host:port host and port for server
client plaf java or native Pluggable Look and Feel for GUI
server remoteServer host:port host that Secondary server connects to
server port port override port to listen on
server baseRunNumber number of init run id start run at number rather than 1

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