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A problem.yaml defines a single problem.

PC² creates problem.yaml and data files per problem when a contest.yaml file is created.

Each problem is defined in its own directory (folder), in that folder is the problem.yaml file and the other problem specific files.

problem.yaml specification

See the CCS problem format for the description of the problem.yaml file and the locations of all the problem files.

Sample problem.yaml

# Problem configuration
source: ICPC Mid-Atlantic Regional Contest
author: John von Judge 
rights_owner: ICPC

name: Sumit Sample Problem

The source, author, and rights_owner are optional.

name: is followed by the title of the problem.

Data File Locations

Judge's data and answer files will be under the data/secret directory, for the problem sumit these files would be stored as follows


The contest.yaml problem entry for sumit is:

  - letter: A
    short-name: sumit

Solution source locations

In this example three are three solutions for the Sumit problem.


Sample data file location

This sample data is for the teams, usually it is the same data that is printed/listed in the problem description.


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