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The problemset.yaml is a file that contains a list of problems.

In an earlier CCS standard this section was present in the contest.yaml file.

Note that the section name changed from problemset to problems. The section name is problemset in contest.yaml and problems in problemset.yaml.

File Layout

The list of problems defs in the problemset determines the number and order of the problems defined in a contest.

Each problemset problem definition has a short-name which is also called the problem short name. The problem short name is the name of a directory where the rest of the problem settings are stored. For more information about those files and their contents see the article Problem Format.

The problem short name (short-name) directory is expected to be in the same directory as the problemset.yaml file.

problemset name and values
Name Description Example
letter letter used to identify problem G
short-name problem short name (directory name for files, see Problem Format) fizbuzz
color (optional) name of the color for the balloon Muave
rgb (optional) the RGB color for the ballon #0000ff

An example of a problems section

  - letter:     A
    short-name: apl
    color:      yellow
    rgb:        #ffff00
  - letter:     B
    short-name: barcodes
    color:      red
    rgb:        #ff0000
  - letter:     C
    short-name: biobots
    color:      green
    rgb:        #00ff00
  - letter:     D
    short-name: castles
    color:      blue
    rgb:        #0000ff
  - letter:     E
    short-name: channel
    color:      white
    rgb:        #ffffff

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