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The problemset.yaml is a file that contains a list of problems.

File Layout

The list of problems defs in the problemset determines the number and order of the problems defined in a contest.

The section name for the problems in problemset.yaml is "problems".

Each problemset problem definition has a short-name which is also called the problem short name. The problem short name is the name of a directory where the rest of the problem settings are stored. For more information about those files and their contents see the article Problem Format.

The problem short name (short-name) directory is expected to be in the same directory as the problemset.yaml file.

problems name and values
Name Description Example
letter letter used to identify problem G
short-name problem short name (directory name for files, see Problem Format) fizbuzz
color (optional) name of the color for the balloon Muave
rgb (optional) the RGB color for the balloon #0000ff

An example of a problems section

  - letter:     A
    short-name: apl
    color:      yellow
    rgb:        #ffff00
  - letter:     B
    short-name: barcodes
    color:      red
    rgb:        #ff0000
  - letter:     C
    short-name: biobots
    color:      green
    rgb:        #00ff00
  - letter:     D
    short-name: castles
    color:      blue
    rgb:        #0000ff
  - letter:     E
    short-name: channel
    color:      white
    rgb:        #ffffff

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