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  No - Other - Contact Staff
  No - Other - Contact Staff
==New reject.ini format==
==Alternate reject.ini format==
To support judgement acronyms in [[Version 9.6]] there
To support judgement acronyms in [[Version 9.6]] there

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The reject.ini file is a set of judgements that is loaded on the initial server module startup. The reject.ini does not contain the correct or yes judgement that judgement is added automatically by the server

If the reject.ini file is not present the default judgements are loaded, see Judgement for details.

How reject.ini is loaded

The contents of the reject.ini file are loaded at the first startup of the Primary server. After judgements have been loaded into the configuration database, the judgements are not re-loaded and a user can only use Edit Judgement to add Judgements.

If no reject.ini is found in the working directory when the server is started the Default Judgements are added.

File Layout

The reject.ini is a text file that contains a list of No Judgements.

Blank lines are ignored, lines with leading a hash (#) are ignored.

All lines are trimmed using the Java String.trim() method.

Default reject.ini

The reject.ini file in the distribution contains the following:

Compilation Error
Run-time Error
Time-limit Exceeded
Wrong Answer
Excessive Output
Output Format Error
Other - Contact Staff

This is loaded as the following judgements

No - Compilation Error
No - Run-time Error
No - Time-limit Exceeded
No - Wrong Answer
No - Excessive Output
No - Output Format Error
No - Other - Contact Staff

Alternate reject.ini format

To support judgement acronyms in Version 9.6 there will be support for an optional judgement acronym.

The line new form is:

Judgement text|acronym

Example lines

Compilation Error|CE
Run-time Error|RTE
Time Limit Exceeded|TLE
Wrong Answer|WA
Excessive Output|EE
Output Format Error|EFE
Various Differences|VD
Other - Contact Staff|CS

The judgements will be loaded in the order specified so the judge in this example will see No - Compilation Error then No - Run-time Error, etc.

A new feature is that the Yes (AC) judgement text may also be specified.

A AC line can appear anywhere in the reject.ini file.

An example


reject.ini sample 1

Sample from the ACM-ICPC Pacific Northwest Regional contest, this is sample found in the distribution under samps/reject.pacnw.ini

# Override no judgement text.
# This sample contains judgements for the ACM-ICPC Pacific Northwest
# Regional contest.
# To use, this file should be renamed to reject.ini and placed in
# the directory from which the 1st server is started.  To verify these
# judgements are active view the Judgements report from the Server UI.
# Blank lines and lines beginning with a # are ignored.
# $HeadURL: http://pc2.ecs.csus.edu/repos/pc2v9/trunk/samps/reject.pacnw.ini $
Compilation Error
Run-time Error
Time Limit Exceeded - No output
Time Limit Exceeded - Wrong Output
Time Limit Exceeded - Insufficient output
Time Limit Exceeded
Wrong Output
No Output
Incomplete Output
Excessive Output
Output Format Error
Other - Contact Staff
# eof $Id: reject.pacnw.ini 1903 2009-10-06 02:25:36Z boudreat $

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