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==Reports --list option ==
For Version 9.3.2 20160608 (Wednesday, June 8th 2016 07:55 UTC) build 3443
For Version 9.3.2 20160608 (Wednesday, June 8th 2016 07:55 UTC) build 3443
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  Report 51 Judging Analysis
  Report 51 Judging Analysis
  Report 52 JSON 2016 Scoreboard
  Report 52 JSON 2016 Scoreboard
==See Also==
==See Also==

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PC² reports provide information about the contest data.


Server module, Reports Tab

Administrator module, Reports Tab

pc2report script

Version 8 Reports

Reports for Version 8 show a variety of information about the contest data/submissions. The Reports are:

-runs - dump run database
-all - dump all probs, team names, langs and run info
-complete - adds more reports than just all
-prob - dump prob info
-clars - dump all clarification info 
-1 - submissions by language
-3 - number of teams that solved each problem 
-4 - number of correct and incorrect solutions by problem 
-5 - print summary of who should have balloons
-6 - summary submissions, solutions, times by team/problem 
-7 - run listing per team by problem 
-8 - run summary grid
-9 - fastest to solve problem
-10 - account data file

Version 9 Reports

The following reports are available on Version 9 on both the server and admin

The 29 is from the --list option (see example below)

See pc2report article for more information and examples


Report Description
Account Permissions Report For each client list their Permissions/Abilities
Accounts List summary of accounts per site, and individual accounts sites, logins, passwords.
All Reports List contents of all reports
Balloons Delivery List of all balloon deliveries by team, by problem and time of delivery
Balloons Summary List summary of which teams should have which color balloons.
Clarifications List all clarifications
Client Settings Various settings like Notification settings
Contest Contest settings in XML (work in progress)
Contest Analysis Summary of submissions, unjudged runs, various checks on runs.
Evaluations One line per judgement output
Extract Replay Runs Extract run info and submitted files
Fastest Solved by Problem List all run solving problems by fastest, by problem, and fastest solution showing rank, elapsed, team name
Groups List of Groups (Regions)
Internal Dump An internal dump of a bunch of config settings
Judgement Notifications Judgement Notifications
Judgements List of judgments
Languages List Languages
Logins List who is logged in
Notification Settings Notification Settings
Problems List problems
Run 5 field List of runs: run #, team #, problem letter, elapsed time, judgement
Run Notifications Sent Run Notifications Sent
Runs List of runs, with run#, run state, team #, team name, whether judgement sent to team and details on each judgement
Runs (Version 8 content and format ) List of runs with detail (see below)
Runs grouped by team List of runs, grouped by team, then by problem, helpful in calculating scoring.
Solutions By Problem For each problem show number of run with No, Yes, and percentage correct
Standings XML Standings in XML format
Submissions by Language A summary of how many teams used which languages.

Reports --list option

For Version 9.3.2 20160608 (Wednesday, June 8th 2016 07:55 UTC) build 3443

Report 1 Accounts
Report 2 Balloons Summary
Report 3 All Reports
Report 4 Contest Settings
Report 5 Contest XML
Report 6 Contest Analysis
Report 7 Solutions By Problem
Report 8 Submissions by Language
Report 9 Fastest Solutions Summary
Report 10 Fastest Solutions Per Problem
Report 11 Standings XML 
Report 12 Logins
Report 13 Profiles
Report 14 Plugins
Report 15 Runs
Report 16 Clarifications
Report 17 Problems
Report 18 Languages
Report 19 Judgements
Report 20 Runs grouped by team
Report 21 Notification Settings
Report 22 Client Settings
Report 23 Groups
Report 24 Evaluations
Report 25 Runs (Version 8 content and format)
Report 26 Run 5 field
Report 27 Account Permissions Report
Report 28 Balloons Delivery
Report 29 Extract Replay Runs
Report 30 Run Notifications Sent
Report 31 Judgement Notifications
Report 32 Active Profile Clone Settings
Report 33 Sites
Report 34 Event Feed (CCS) XML
Report 35 Notifications XML
Report 36 Finalize-Certify
Report 37 Internal Dump
Report 38 Passwords
Report 39 accounts.tsv (team and judges)
Report 40 accounts.tsv (all accounts)
Report 41 runs.tsv Report
Report 42 JSON Standings
Report 43 Event Feed 2013 XML
Report 44 userdata.tsv
Report 45 groups.tsv
Report 46 teams.tsv
Report 47 scoreboard.tsv
Report 48 submissions.tsv
Report 49 Event Feed XML for ICPC Tools Resolver
Report 50 Auto Judging Settings
Report 51 Judging Analysis
Report 52 JSON 2016 Scoreboard

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