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A CCS standard TSV file that contains contest results. This file is input to the ICPC CMS

File Format

Per the CCS spec.

A text file consisting of a version line and one line for each team in the contest, sorted in rank order with alphabetical order on team name as tie breaker. Each line has tab separated fields as defined below.

The first line has the following format

Field Description Example Type
1 Label results must be the string constant "results"
2 Version number 1 integer

Then follow several lines with the following format (one per team).

Field Description Example Type
1 External ID 24314 integer
2 Rank in contest 1 integer
3 Award Gold Medal string
4 Number of problems the team has solved 4 integer
5 Total Time 534 integer
6 Time of the last submission 233 integer
7 Group Winner North American string

Generating Results.tsv

The PC2 Scoreboard client automatically generates results.tsv each time an event which affects the results occurs during the contest. Clicking the "Refresh" button on the Scoreboard client forces an update of the results.tsv file contents. The results.tsv file is stored in the html folder in the directory in which the Scoreboard client was started.

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