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A Secondary server is a server that remotely logs into another server.

Once any server is connected in a Multi-site contest, each site is part of a peer to peer network.

Configuring a Secondary server

These configuration instructions are from the article Quick Startup Checklist, in Quick Startup Checklist there are more instructions about logging in and using the Secondary server.

On the Primary server (or any already connected server)

  1. On the Sites Tab
    • Use the Add Site button to add other sites
    • Update the IP and Port fields for the other sites
    • Save the site information by clicking the Update Site button

On the Secondary server

  1. Edit the pc2v9.ini file

pc2v9.ini entry

A Joining server must have a remoteServer entry in the [server] section of pc2v9.ini

Here is an example of a remoteServer contacting at port 50002

# Minimal Remote Server pc2v9.ini

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