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Server Command Line Interface (and non-GUI server)

Version 9.2 - non-GUI server startup

In version 9.0 through 9.1 the only way to start a server was via a GUI login and window (aka server GUI). With 9.2 the server can be started up without a GUI using the --nogui command line option. The same login and contest password fields are needed to be supplied to startup a server.

For the first server the following command line can be used:

pc2server --nogui --contestpassword cPass --login site1 --password site1

For a secondary server the following command line can be used.

pc2server --nogui --login site2 --password site2

The server should not be shutdown like it was in Version 8, there is a Shutdown button on the Admin Site tab that should be used to shutdown a server. The Shutdown button can be used for non-GUI and GUI server.

Extra Security on Server command line

Under most Unix systems the complete command line is listed when using a ps or similar command revealing login id’s and passwords if –login, --password or –contestpassword are specified on the command line. The –F option provides a way to read those options and values from a file.

If this command line was used:

pc2server --nogui --contestpassword cpass --login site1 --password site1pass

One could alternatively use the -F option:

pc2server -F secure.txt

where the secure.txt file contains

# Command line for non GUI server
--contestpassword cpass
--login site1
--password site1pass

Blank lines and lines starting with # are ignored in the file (secure.txt).