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This article contains information about server error messages and possible fixes or workarounds.

Additional information is also found in the Troubleshooting article.

On Server startup shows message configuration file corrupt

On server startup a message like this may appear on the console.

edu.csus.ecs.pc2.core.security.FileSecurityException: FAILED TO DECRYPT
at edu.csus.ecs.pc2.core.security.FileSecurity.readSealedFile(FileSecurity.java:458)
at edu.csus.ecs.pc2.core.security.FileSecurity.load(FileSecurity.java:626)
[more stacktrace]
Halting server - configuration file corrupt check logs

The most likely cause for this is using pc2 data/config files from an earlier version of pc2 with a newer version of pc2. For example contest data files created with pc2 version 9.4.1 cannot be read/used by the server pc2 version 9.5.0.

To find the version for the pc2 config files check the .log file for the pc2 version (logs/ directory)

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