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The Server Module provides functions that automate the running of a programming contest. Each site runs a server module.

The Server GUI provides function to add/configure sites and view various settings like contest time, logins, etc.

The Server CLI provides a way to run the server without using the Server GUI

After login, the Server module will start listening on the port specified in the pc2v9.ini file.

Server Features

At the end of a contest a number of reports/data will be saved. The reports are:

  1. Balloons_Summary
  2. Clarifications
  3. Contest_Analysis
  4. Contest_Settings
  5. Contest_XML
  6. Evaluations
  7. Fastest_Solutions_Per_Problem
  8. Fastest_Solutions_Summary
  9. Languages
  10. Problems
  11. Runs
  12. Runs_grouped_by_team
  13. Runs_(Version_8_content_and_format)
  14. Solutions_By_Problem
  15. Standings_Web_Pages
  16. Standings_Web_Pages.full
  17. Standings_Web_Pages.fullnums
  18. Standings_Web_Pages.iScoreBoard.php
  19. Standings_Web_Pages.pc2export
  20. Standings_Web_Pages.results
  21. Standings_Web_Pages.results.tsv
  22. Standings_Web_Pages.scoreboard.json
  23. Standings_Web_Pages.scoreboard.tsv
  24. Standings_Web_Pages.sumatt
  25. Standings_Web_Pages.summary
  26. Standings_Web_Pages.sumtime
  27. Standings_XML
  28. Submissions_by_Language

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