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* [[Server GUI]]
* [[Server GUI]]
* [[Server login]]
* [[Server login]]
* [[Server Shutdown]]

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Add and Modify all sites' titles, password, host and port.


Server module

Administrator module, Run Contest Tab

Important Note: no site information will be saved unless the Add Site button or Update Site button are used In this example Site 6 has just been added, but not saved (yet).


Site Fields

  • Site Number (read-only) - site number (integer)
  • Site Title - title for site, used on reports and displays
  • Password - Server password
  • IP - public host or IP number for the site (Server module)
  • Port - the port for the site (Server module)


  • Add Site button - Add a row for a new site
  • Update Site - update site information
  • Cancel - cancel any changes and restore values
  • Reconnect - connect or Reconnect to remote site to another site

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