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Super Submitter is a program which is at this time an internal R&D development to help with the testing of pc2.


The program will submit a burst of submissions to the server, it will read the input file and submit all runs specified in that (submissions.tsv file).

Each run source will be under a directory named runNNNN where NNNN is a zero padded run id.


Submitter [--wait] filename

where filename is a submissions.tsv filename.

--wait is an option to wait for an event rather that immediately submit the runs (the default behavior).


  • requires a pc2v9.ini file like all other clients
  • only uses joe account for team login
  • only will submit run from the current/site
  • since there is no language in submissions.tsv the language will be determined (see section Determining Language below)

Determining Language

Table to match submitted source filename extension to a Language

Extension Language
.cpp C++
.cpp GNU C++
.C GNU C++
.C C++
.java Java
.c C
.c GNU C
.dpr Pascal/Kylix
.pas Pascal/Kylix