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     IP: localhost
     IP: localhost
     port: 54002
     port: 54002
===Other Values===
Other custom values are found in the article [[CCS_Enhancements| CCS Enhancements]]
==Creating system.pc2.yaml==
==Creating system.pc2.yaml==

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A system.pc2.yaml file contains additional yaml settings. See contest.yaml for details about yaml files.

Contents of contest.yaml

Typically this file contains PC^2 enhansements see article CCS Enhancements.


See descriptions in CCS_Enhancements for info on these sections

  - account: TEAM
    site: 1
    count: 80

  - account: JUDGE
    site: 1
    count: 12

  - account: SCOREBOARD
    site: 1
    count: 1

  - account: JUDGE
     site: 1
     number: 2
     letters: A
     enabled: yes

  - account: JUDGE
     site: 1
     number: 4,5,6
     letters: B,C,D

  - account: JUDGE
     site: 2
     number: all
     letters: B,C,D

  - account: JUDGE
     site: 1
     number: 1,3
     letters: F
     enabled: no

  - number: 2
    name: 'Site 2'
    password: site2
    IP: localhost
    port: 51002

  - number: 3
    name: 'Site 3'
    password: site3
    IP: localhost
    port: 52002

  - number: 4
    name: 'Site 4'
    password: site4
    IP: localhost
    port: 53002

  - number: 5
    name: 'Site 5'
    password: site5
    IP: localhost
    port: 54002

Creating system.pc2.yaml

Currently the sections that are typically in systems.pc2.yaml are in the contest.yaml

A contest.yaml, problem.yaml and data files can be saved using either:

  1. the Export Contest YAML feature
  2. the Export Contest YAML feature
  3. or use the Export Contest XML Report

Loading system.pc2.yaml

See Load Contest Configuration article

See Also